Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whatever your budget, your relationship or their taste, you’re bound to find the perfect Valentine’s gifts for him or her in this post. Keep on reading to find inspiration for your Valentine’s Day gift shopping.
Valentines Day Present

20 Best Gift Ideas For Your Loved One:

  1. A New Pair Of Pyjamas – A simple gift that always goes down well and works for him or her. It is also the perfect attire for a movie marathon night.
  2. Personalised Candle – A candle is an essential part of a romantic night in. So, make the candles on your valentine’s night extra special with a candle with your names and the day you met on as a thoughtful gift.
  3. Portable Charger – A practical gift that will ensure you can always be in contact with your loved one. This is especially good for a loved one who is always on the go or if you are in a long-distance relationship.
  4. Susi’s Scrubber’s Body Exfoliating Scrubber – Encourage them to make time for self-care with this high-quality body scrubber which they can use in the shower or bath.

    A body scrubber could be something your loved one didn’t know they needed in their life. It works to buff away dead skin cells to leave your skin glowing and opens your pores to better absorb products you apply afterwards. The scrubber comes in a variety of colors, so choose their favourite one to show you’ve put extra thought into the gift.

    The handmade scrubber even gives a nod to Valentines Day with a label embossed with the word ‘love’, as each scrubber is made with just that. The body scrubber is available to purchase on Etsy, click here to shop.

  5. Valentines Spa Hamper – This goes well alongside the body scrubber which could even be included in the hamper. Fill the hamper with spa goodies including face, foot, hand masks, a fun bath bomb (look out for valentine’s day ones) and a luxury body moisturiser.

    Also, include a cd or create them a playlist with relaxing sounds to help set the mood for bringing the spa to your home.

  6. Magazine Subscription – A gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Your loved one will look forward to their monthly delivery. Choose a magazine that is suited to their interests, i.e. home magazines if you have just moved home. This would be something for them to look forward to when they unwind at the weekend or to read on the train if they commute for their job.
  7. His & Hers Mug – The perfect gift if you are buying for another couple, especially a newly engaged couple. Also, a great gift for yourselves if you have just moved into a new home and have cupboards to fill.
  8. A Weekend Away – If you are on a bigger budget give the priceless gift of memories with a romantic weekend away somewhere new.
  9. Flowers – A classic gift that always goes down well. Choose a colorful bunch of flowers that will brighten up the room and make her smile every time she looks at them.
  10. Microwavable Slippers – A fun luxury which will make getting out of bed early in the morning a little easier and cosier.
  11. Essential Oil Diffuser – If your loved one struggles to get to sleep or unwind at the end of the day this will help. Choose lavender or aloe vera scents for their relaxing properties.
  12. Silk Pillowcase – A pricey gift that someone wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves, so this would make for a special treat. A silk pillowcase can help to improve the texture of your hair, promote growth and benefit your skin by helping to prevent breakouts.
  13. Board Games – The perfect way to escape the screens for some quality time together. There’s no better way to bond than over a competitive board game. A great gift idea if you want to keep gifting simple, would be to choose a board game for each other to play on Valentines’ Day.
  14. A scrapbook or photo album – In a world of smartphones, a printed thoughtful gift showcasing your memories is sure to be appreciated. It is also special for you to be able to look back on all the memories that you have made together so far, it is easy to forget about all you have done when the photos are locked up in your smartphone.
  15. A Polaroid Camera – The present ties in well with the above gift idea, because as you can print the pictures straight away you can then put them straight into your scrapbook – it’s the perfect way to keep on top of updating it.
  16. Scratch Map – A map of the world that you can scratch off to show gold underlining. Make this a couple’s scratch map by only scratching off the places you have been to together, you can even attach a photo of you both in each destination.
  17. Smartwatch – If you’re loved one is into fitness this is the perfect watch for them. A smartwatch can connect to your phone to manage your steps, heart rate, sleep, music and phone alerts.
  18. A luxury confectionary – Find out their favourite luxury sweets or chocolate, at this time of year they are likely to have a valentine’s edition – be sure to look out for this. A special gift that your loved one wouldn’t have regularly will be a well-received gift.
  19. Cashmere Socks – A treat for the feet. This will be a perfect addition to a pampered night in.
  20. A handmade gift – If you are on a budget, a handmade crafted gift will be appreciated if it shows you’ve put time and effort into it. For example, you could make a valentine’s day card with a drawing of you both.

    Another idea would be to get a jar and fill it with thirty handy written notes of reasons why you love them, so for each day of the next month they can start their day by opening one and knowing why they are loved.

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