Bathroom Make-Over & Space Saving Guide

Give your bathroom a make-over with small changes that make a big difference. The bathroom is the easiest room to give a new lease of life by changing up accents of the room.

Bathroom Makeover Guide

Update Your Towels

Swap your towels for organic cotton ones. Organic cotton is not only incredibly soft and gentle on your skin, but it is also non-toxic. Other cotton mix towels are likely to be made up with synthetic materials and made with the use of toxic chemicals.

Organic cotton is produced using an eco-friendly farming system, without toxins and pesticides. Once you invest organic towels you will see they last much longer and maintain their quality.

Reduce The Number Of Cleaning Products

Simplify your bathroom cleaning routine by using just one formula for your everyday cleaning. Such as the all-purpose cleaning spray from my previous post ‘Natural Cleaning Solutions’.

This formula is made from only 1 cup of white vinegar, 4 ½ cups of water and 8 drops of an essential oil. You can use this alongside the Susi’s Scrubber bathroom scrubber, which is reusable and works to remove tough grime without damaging delicate services.

Make Your Toiletries’ More Sustainable

This change will help to reduce waste in your bathroom and save you money. Instead of buying your shampoo, body wash and hand soap in one-use plastic containers. Swap them for reusable dispensers, these can be brought in a variety of colors. Not only are they better for the environment, but they also look nicer.

Choose one that compliments your bathroom, I think white and black marble looks more expensive than it really is and can transform the look of your bathroom. Once you have these dispensers you can then order refillable product in bulk – this will result in saving you money over time.

Choose Neutral Colors

These colors are the most timeless, so once you invest in decorating and products you know they will not go out of style quickly, which would force you to replace them.

Timeless bathroom colorsNeutral colors also create a more relaxing bathroom – who can relax in a neon yellow room?! I for one could not. Popular neutral colors for a bathroom include a crisp white, a slate grey or a soft cream.

However, avoid using one color throughout the entire bathroom, as this can make the room look flat. To prevent this happening, you should choose items in a similar hue to use on the flooring, vanity, shower accessories, and accent pieces to add dimension to the room.

Color Co-Ordination Is Key

In order to have a stylish bathroom, you want to ensure everything matches, or at least parts of it do. For example, if you had a black and white scheme, white towels with black accents help to bring these things together with a subtle detail. Keep this in mind when buying new accessories for your bathrooms.

Add Hooks

Apply self-adhesive hooks to the back of your door and onto your shower glass. You can use the hooks on the door to hang up dressing gowns and excess towels to save shelf space. The hooks in the shower can be used to hang up shower gel.

Your Bathroom Scrubber can also be hung up to dry in the shower after you have wiped down the shower/bathtub after washing. The specialised materials will ensure the scrubber is quickly dry, ready for its next use. To shop the Susi’s Scrubber bathroom scrubber, click here.

Introduce Contrasting Materials

Swap your standard washing basket for a round wicker one, this will add a rustic/outdoor feel to your bathroom. You can also get a matching wastebasket. When you add a different texture into a room, having a few the same thing helps to tie it in to the room – and prevent it from looking random.

Smart Storage

Smart Storage Shelf - bathroomIf you have limited or no storage space, you can make your own. It is important you do this without making the room look cluttered. A popular option would be to add shelves to an empty wall, rather than just stacking items on them – get deep storage boxes.

Plastic ones work particularly well in a bathroom because they can be easily  wiped down when cleaning. You can also make them more organised by categorizing each one by product and getting professional labels made so each one can be easily identified.

Another option, which has become a popular homeware trend, is to get a ladder and place it against a wall to use as shelves. These ladders tend to be a vintage wood effect, you can buy one like this or buy any wooden ladder and paint it with wood paint to give it a rustic look. If you want more of a shabby look you can also use sandpaper to make certain areas look more worn.

Add Plants                                     

Adding plants to your bathroom with add life and color to your bathroom. If you have limited space, you could simply add a small lavender plant to your windowsill. Lavender is the perfect scent for your bathroom, as it is known for its calming properties. If you have a large bathroom, you have space to fill. So, a large green plant in a white round pot would be a classy addition to your bathroom.

Introduce Scents

Add candles and fragrance sticks to your bathroom. Choose relaxing scents that will help you unwind when you take a bath. Choose scents such as Lavender, Rose, Chamomile.

Add Mirrors

If you do not already have a mirror in your bathroom, I would recommend adding one and if you have space add another. Mirrors are a great addition to any room because they allow you to optimise natural light. They also help to enlarge the appearance of a room and add light to the room. Mirrors do this by reflecting light around the room.

To achieve the best results, place the mirror adjacent to a window to catch the angle of light perfectly and bounce it throughout the room.

I hope this post helped you to bring a new lease of life to your bathroom and discover new products to introduce to your homes.

Laura G.

My name is Laura and aside from being a huge fan of the Susis Scrubber brand and their extensive list of product, I am a regular contributor to this blog. Please note that opinions expressed within my posts are mine, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of

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