8 Tips to Looking After A New Puppy

If you have recently adopted an adorable new puppy, you’ll be learning how to look after them the best you can. Keep on reading for vital information and answers to questions that new puppy owners often ask.

Common Questions New Puppy Owners Ask?

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How long can a puppy be left alone during the day?

The general answer for this question is an hour for each month they are old, one month – one hour etc. This seems to work well as a two-month-old puppy will rarely be able to hold their bladder for more than two hours. They also require your comfort whilst they get used to their surroundings.

Should water be left out for the puppy all day?

Yes, your puppy must always have access to water in order to stay well hydrated. You should ensure their bowl is full and large, it should also be washed daily, and the water should be changed at least twice during the day.

What age should a puppy be potty trained?

Vets recommend that you should potty train your puppy when they are between 12 – 16 weeks. At this age, your puppy will have more control of their bladder and will be able to learn how to control their bowel movements.

Start to train your puppy by taking them outside to go to the toilet and praise them when they do so. After this, it is helpful to learn their body clock and when they need to go, a sign they need to go is when the sniff the floor or when they circle the floor – when they do this take them outside.

After some time, and with encouragement and patience from you they will fall into a routine and it will become clear to you when they need to go. Expect some accidents along the way, always remain calm and like new-born human babies, they need potty training to learn.

How often should I bathe my puppy?

You should wash your puppy at least once a month. However, if they get messy on a walk obviously wash them sooner. It is also worth considering your puppy’s skin type if they have dry skin you could even extend the time between washes to protect their skin.

If your puppy does have dry or sensitive skin ensure you choose a chemical-free formula which will be gentle on their skin, also provide them with a dog’s coat to wear in colder conditions to protect their coat further.

How do I wash my puppy’s face?

Your puppy is experiencing lots of firsts with you so everything will take some getting used to. Always be gentle when washing your puppy’s face to avoid panicking them. Use a soft washcloth for their face, dip it in warm water, squeeze the cloth to avoid getting your pup drenched.
Gently wipe the cloth over their face, being careful to avoid getting water in their ears, eyes and mouth.

Where should I put my puppy’s bed?

A popular place to put their bed is in the kitchen in a draught-free corner. Kitchens tend to be warm and where the family spends a large amount of time, which will provide comfort for your puppy. It is also a practical location as kitchen floors tend to be washable.

What are the essentials that I need for my dog?

The essentials you will require is the appropriate dog food for your puppy’s breed, food and water bowls, toys and grooming equipment.

How should I teach my young children to act around the puppy?

If this is your child’s first pet this will all be new to them, so make them aware that the puppy is not a toy. Also, ensure the puppy is left alone when it is in its bed as this is its safe space.

Your Puppy’s Health

Healthy Puppy Peaking


Puppies pick up and chew whatever they can get their paws on, so it is important to look after their oral health. It can be difficult to persuade your puppy to open their mouth to put a rigid toothbrush in their mouth, this is where the Dog Tooth Scrubber from Susi’s Scrubber comes in handy.

This scrubber is specially designed for dogs and puppies and is a flexible scrubber, which you can simply slip on your finger and secure it using an attached string – to ensure the safety of your puppy by allowing you to have full control over the scrubber, so it is not able to get lost in their mouth. You’ll find that once your puppy is familiar to the scrubber, he or she will enjoy it as it is not painful but instead is a nice massage for their gums.

If you start early enough, the process with become fun for you and your puppy. It is also reassuring to know that this product is used and recommended by vets.


Before you can take your new puppy out into the world for walks, they need to be vaccinated first. You will get vaccination certificates which you are required to keep in order to have future vaccinations. These will always be needed throughout your pet’s life for regular treatments.


Your puppy’s coat should be soft and shiny. You should ensure your puppy has no black wax in their ears, no discharge from their nose or ears – if they are suffering from any of these take them to the vets immediately. It is important you check your dogs’ body every couple of weeks for any changes.


Puppies usually do not leave their mothers until they are around eight weeks old. So, you should feed your puppy a diet they are used to and introduce new foods gradually. Always choose food that is suitable for the breed and the correct portion for their size.

Experts recommend it is better to give puppy’s several small meals rather than fewer larger meals – whilst they get used to their new diet.

I hope this post was informative to all the new puppy owners out there!

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