5 Tips for Looking After Your Dog

The popular sayings that your dog is a ‘man’s best friend’, and sometimes the company of your dog is preferred to human company. Therefore, you want to look after your dog the best you can. It is important that you provide regular care, as unfortunately they can not communicate how they are – unless you are Doctor Doolittle of course.

In Summertime

  1. Don’t Overexert Your Dog

Take your dog for their walks early in the morning and late evening after the sun has set. However, if you are unable to take your dog out during these cooler times, ensure you protect their paws by providing padding.

You should do this because when the ground is very hot it can burn and crack their paws. Remember to walk at a gentle pace, carry water for them to ensure they stay hydrated and take breaks.

  1. Don’t Let Them Get Dehydrated

Make sure there is plenty of cool water accessible to your dog at all times. Also give water alternatives such as fruits, frozen treats or coconut water.

Watch out for signs of dehydration such as laboured breathing, excessive drooling, bloodshot eyes, increased heart rate, restlessness or bloodshot eyes.

  1. Keep Your Dog Cool

It’s important to keep their temperature down during summertime. Use a wet towel for your dog to lie on after their daily walk, also wipe them down using a wet cloth. Ensuring you wipe down and wet their paws, pits, tummy and back of the head.

Another great way to cool your dog down in the heat is to take them swimming, it keeps your puppy cool and they get their exercise too.

  1. Don’t Shave Your Dog’s Fur

You may think that shaving their fur will help to keep them cool. However, the layers of fur help to protect your dog from sunburn and overheating. Therefore, more harm will be done if their coat is shaved.

  1. Never Leave Your Dog In a Parked Car

This may seem obvious but unfortunately, it does happen. Your car retains more heat than an outside area – even if it is parked in a shaded area. Your dog’s temperature can quickly rise leading to severe circumstances such as heat stroke.

In Winter

  1. Wrap Them Up When You Go For Walks

Like us, our dogs also feel the cold weather. Put a dog coat on them when you go out for a walk, especially if you have a fine-coated dog, such as a Staffie or Greyhound.

  1. Never Leave Them In The Car

Like in the summer leaving your dog in the car in plummeting weather can cause equally fatal results. This is because the temperatures can drop very quickly in the cold weather.

  1. Ensure They Are Always Warm

They could even be feeling the cold inside in the winter months. So, consider moving their dog bed to a warmer part of the house and provide them with thick blankets. You could also get them a dog sweater; this is especially beneficial for short-haired breeds who feel the cold more.

  1. Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

It is important that your dog gets regular exercise. However, in the colder months, they may be less keen to go outside, or the conditions may make it impossible for you to do so. Alternative ways to get them to exercise is to making treat time into a game by hiding them inside a fun toy or start indoor training by teaching them obedience training. You could even take them to a class with other dogs, this will also provide your dog with the opportunity to socialise with other dogs.

Dental Care

Just like you brush your own teeth a few times a day, a dog’s mouth also needs daily attention. Pet tooth scrubber on finger!I would recommend using Susi’s Scrubber’s Finger Tooth Scrubber to do so, which is specially designed for dogs.

It works brilliantly to effectively remove any plaque build-up and most importantly it does not hurt your dog at all and instead massages their gums. The design means that it works better than a silicone brush, the flexibility allows you to reach all areas of their mouth and the string attached to the scrubber ensures you can hold it firmly in your hand and will never lose it in your dog’s mouth.

It is not only an effective product but by swapping to this from a plastic brush, you will also be cutting down on the use of plastic.


Your dog spends a lot of time on their paws, so they must be cared for. It is important to be aware that toxic chemicals can be ingested by your dog when they lick their paws. To prevent this from happening after outdoor walks, wash your dog’s paws in warm water to rinse away salt and other chemicals.

To combat this issue further, you could also get doggie boots (effective and adorable) or apply a natural ointment to their footpads before each walk – this acts a fantastic salt barrier.Taking care of dog paws!

You should also maintain their paws, by regularly trimming their nails. You will know when they need to be clipped if they keep snagging them or if you hear a ‘click click’ noise when they walk. The nails should barely skim the ground. Most vets offer this service, if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Cracked Pads can occur and may even bleed if they do dry out, do not use a human moisturiser on them as this could cause them to become too soft and cause further issues. Instead, use one specifically designed for a dog with dried out paws. While rubbing in the lotion give the dog massage by rubbing between the pads and up in between each of their toes.

Occasionally dogs will cut the pad of their paw and require some first aid. Clean the cut out with an antibacterial wash, put some antibacterial cream on the cut, and bandage the paw.

I hope you found this post informative and if you take one thing from this post, it should be investing in the effective Susi’s Scrubber Dogs’ Finger Tooth Scrubber.

Laura G.

My name is Laura and aside from being a huge fan of the Susis Scrubber brand and their extensive list of product, I am a regular contributor to this blog. Please note that opinions expressed within my posts are mine, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of SusisScrubbers.com.

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