How Can You Train Your Dog?

To have a well-trained dog gives you a great sense of accomplishment. It can help you to form a stronger bond with your dog and give he or she more freedom to do things, such as running off the lead – with you feeling confident they will return to your call.

Two dogs sitting on grass watching ownerDogs of all ages can require training in order to learn basic commands, it is important to keep on working on their training throughout their life. Alike when us humans learn something, if we do not practice it, we will forget it.

The same rules apply for dogs; therefore, it is beneficial for dogs of all ages to practice basic tricks. It keeps their brains active and allows you to spend quality time with them.

It is understandable that some of us simply do not have the time or funds to get a trained expert to train our dogs. Therefore, we take matters into our own hands. In this post, I have broken down tips on how to train your dog effectively and how to teach them four essential tricks.

You will find that once your dog has learnt these four-essential tricks, socializing with other dogs and humans will become more enjoyable. It will allow you to keep your dog calm and under control when they are in a new environment, it will also allow you to ensure they are always safe.


When you begin lessons learning new tricks go in a quiet room without distractions. Dogs are intelligent animals, so they will enjoy learning but remember to take regular breaks to avoid them feeling overwhelmed. Once your dog has comfortably learnt the tricks in a quiet environment, try to get them to do the same trick in a more distracting environment like your local park.


Using positive enforcements when you are training your dog such as doggy treats or toys, will encourage them to want to learn. You should only give them the treat once they have done the tricks correctly, this will make it clear to them why they are getting a treat. As well as treats your attitude towards the training will also determine how well they do.

Remain positive and encouraging throughout – your positive behavior will rub off on them.

4 Essential Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Training Your Dog To Come Back To You

This trick is essential for your dog’s freedom and safety. It will give you reassurance that they will return to you, and you can get them out of danger if necessary. Learn how to teach them in five simple steps.

  1. When you first learn this trick, do so in the safety of your garden – where your dog is not able to escape out of your reach.
  2. To begin with, you will need to give your dog an incentive to come back. The easiest incentives to use are a toy or food.
  3. Once you have the treat or toy, put space between you and your dog (around one foot).
  4. Crouch down to their level. Then call them over to you – ensuring your tone is happy and excited, which will encourage them to want to come to you.
  5. Once they return to you, gently hold their collar to secure them and give them their treat or toy. After, they become comfortable with this, increase the space between you before taking them to a public space.

Training Your Dog To Sit

  1. Begin with you and your dog standing
  2. Hold a treat about their nose causing your dog’s head to move upwards. As he sits, his bottom will hit the floor.
  3. Once he does this, give him his treat immediately as his reward.
  4. Practise this regularly and when they perform correctly voice the command ‘sit’. This will allow them to become familiar with the phrase and its tone.

Training Your Dog To Lie Down

  1. This trick is best to learn following the above trick. This is because it is easiest to start this trick with your dog sitting down.
  2. After they have sat down, start with the treat at their nose and move it down in your hand towards their chest and then to the floor.
  3. They should follow your movement and lay down on the floor. As they do so, voice the command ‘down’ to familiarize them with the phrase. You should give them their treat once they have laid down for a few seconds. This will increase the time in which they stay in this position.

Training Your Dog To Stay

  1. This trick requires your dog to first be able to sit or lay.
  2. Begin by asking your dog to sit or lay.
  3. Then present a hand signal such as a stop sign, with the palm of your hand facing your dog. At the same time say the command ‘stay’, this will ensure these two things are associated with this trick.
  4. Wait a few seconds before giving your dog their treat. This will encourage them to stay for longer in the future.

Training your dog is extremely rewarding, but also requires you investing your time and patience. Remember to keep your dog’s health in mind while learning these tricks. Practice in a maximum of 15-minute intervals to prevent your dog from feeling overwhelmed.

Also, with all the treats they are being rewarded with for doing their tricks correctly, it is important to remember their dental health. At the end of each day ensure you thoroughly clean your dog’s teeth and gums using a Susi’s Scrubber Dog Finger Toothbrush.

The innovative design ensures the scrubber is flexible yet gentle – this allows you to clean your dog’s teeth efficiently. While not giving them any discomfort but instead a relaxing massage. It is also reassuring to know that this product is recommended and used by vets.

Good luck with training your beloved dog and remember to have fun!

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