Best Exfoliating Body Scrubber: Things to Consider!

Taking care of your skin is quite important especially during the harsh seasons like winter and summer. The process of taking good care of your skin can be time consuming, but it will be worth it. It will leave the skin cleaner, smoother and more appealing.

Two hands using exfoliating body scrubber in showerA high quality body scrubber will help you to clean and exfoliate your body. Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of dead cells from the skin. A high quality body scrubber gives you a spa-like feeling every day when taking your shower or bath. On top of clearing the old cells, a quality scrubber will also clear the pores on your skin to prevent blackheads.

We may be biased, but our #1 choice – and what we believe to be the best body scrubber on the market today – is this one by Susi’s Scrubbers.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Body Scrubber

A body scrubber is an important tool when taking a bath or a shower. It will aid you to keep your body clean and fresh throughout the day. There are a variety of these scrubbers in the market and at times it may be challenging to choose the best one to use. Here are some tips that will assist you to screen your choices and get the exact best scrubber.


Before you buy a body scrubber, it is crucial to look at the fabric that was used to make it. Check if it has been made with natural and soft fabric. Another thing to consider is if it can easily clean the skin without causing irritation.


Safety is a key thing to consider before you buy a scrubber for your body. Ensure that you buy a scrubber made with top grade materials. It will be prudent of you to consider a fade proof brand free of dyes.

Skin Type

People are different and so is their skin. Some people have quite sensitive skin, and they need to be very careful when choosing anything that comes into contact with their body. Do not shy away from exfoliating because you have acne prone or sensitive skin. The secret is to find a gentle body scrubber which will help you to slough off old skin cells.


Different types of body scrubbers differ in prizes. People believe that the quality of the scrubber will be reflected by the price, but it is not always the case. Consider a body scrubber that is within your budget. However, ensure that the price does not compromise the scrubber’s quality.


You definitely do not want to keep on going to the market to purchase a scrubber. The durability will depend on whether the material used is high quality or not. Also, ensure that it is comfortable to use, and it is perfect to get to places you can hardly reach.

How to Maintain Your Body Scrubber

For your body scrubber to serve you perfectly, you have to learn on how to maintain it. Scrubbers can harbour mildew, and you, therefore, need to take good care of them. Here are some of the tips on taking care of your body scrubber:

  • Keep Them Clean- Ensure that you wash your scrubber after every use. You can use soap and water to wash. After washing, rinse it with clear water to keep it clean. If you’re using a Susi’s Scrubber brand exfoliating scrubber, it can also be washed in a machine with other laundry.
  • Keep Them Dry- It is advisable to always keep your scrubber in a well-ventilated place after cleaning it. Avoid keeping then in dumpy places to avoid the growth of bacteria.

The Best Body Scrubber

With the increased popularity among personal hygiene and health buff enthusiasts, there are a variety of scrubbers produced by different manufacturers.

Susis Body Scrubber

The best body scrubbers in the market today are Susi’s scrubbers. They have revolutionized the way people clean and exfoliate their body. These scrubbers are made with love, and they are ideal for any type of skin. People with itchy and dry skin will benefit from these scrubbers since they perfectly get rid of dry flaky skin.

Features of Susi’s Scrubbers

A proper body scrubber will leave you with smooth skin and bright complexion. Below are features that make these handmade body scrubbers outstand:

  1. Slip-on Mitt Style: The scrubber is made with a slip on mitt style which prevents slipping. It also features a loose elastic wrist which stretches to fit any hand size.
  1. Hanging Loop: It features an accessible hanging loop. Use this hanging loop to hang the scrubber in your bathroom to dry after every use.
  1. Scrubby Fabric: Susi’s scrubbers are made with high quality scrubby fabric. This makes it an ideal option for any type of skin. They are lightweight and dry quite fast.

How to Use Susi’s Body Scrubbers

Using these scrubbers in the right way will leave your skin cleaner and softer. The Susi’s body scrubbers have different colours of ribbons around them. The scrubber has been designed with love to give you the best bathing experience. This is a guideline on how to get the best from this body scrubber:

  1. Wet the Scrubber: Unlike other scrubbers, you don’t have to soak these scrubbers first thing you get into the shower or bath. It perfectly maintains it’s scrubbing ability and texture no matter how wet or dry it is.
  1. Apply Soap: When exfoliating you can use scrubs of your desired body wash. They soak in the surface of the scrubber more easily, and they make the exfoliation process more satisfying. You can also use bar soap for the same.
  1. Scrub the Body: Use the body scrubber to rub the skin gently and in circular motions. You can start with the area between the neck and the chest as you go down to the ankles. Remember to scrub your hands, arms, and back as well. Bathing in a circular motion is gentler and aids you to get rid of dead skin. Take additional care when scrubbing sensitive areas like the face and underarms.
  1. Rinse and Dry Your Body: After taking a shower, rinse your body with clean water. You can then use a clean towel to pat dry. Take care not to rub your skin hard after the exfoliation process. The body will have lost natural oils, and you will not need to lose more. Apply a good moisturizer after exfoliation. This will assist the body to get back the moisture it lost during the process.

Benefits of Using Susi’s Scrubbers

Susi’s scrubbers come with a lot of benefits. These body scrubbers are not particularly comfortable, but they work incredibly well and are also durable. A lot more so than any other scrubber you have ever tried. Guaranteed!

  1. Exfoliation: One major advantage of using Susi’s body scrubbers is exfoliation. The epidermis which is the outermost layer of your skin shed of some cells once in a while. If these cells are not removed, they make your skin rough and dull. Exfoliation with these body scrubbers helps to get rid of these skin cells leaving your skin bright, softer and healthier.
  1. Improves Circulation: Blood circulation increases any time there is friction on your skin. When you scrub your body with scrubbers, they stimulate the circulation of blood.
  1. Gets Rid of Itchiness: These scrubbers are designed to clean itchy and dry skin. The scratchy fabric and the slip on mint style make the scrubber a perfect choice for people with itchy skin.
  1. Easy to Use: These body scrubbers are quicker and easier to use when bathing or exfoliating your body. The scrubbers will save you a lot of time. You only need to wet them and take a shower as you run your skin in circular motion. They also dry fast.
  1. Safe to Use: These body scrubbers are seamlessly safe to use.
  1. Helps to Keep Smooth and Firm Skin: Using Susi’s body scrubber regularly does not only help to clean the skin but also leaves it firmer and smoother. They can be used by anyone and on any part of the body.


Nothing feels good like having a good relaxing shower after a long day at work. A body scrubber will improve your shower or bathing experience.

  • Ensure that you get a high quality scrubber to maximize on the benefits.
  • Maintaining the scrubber is also crucial since it will keep it away from bacteria.
  • Take time before you buy a body scrubber.
  • Ensure that the scrubber does not have any material that will affect your skin. Avoid harsh scrubbers for they can cause irritation and inflammation. They also peel healthy skin cells which can lead to unpleasant acne breakouts.

Susi’s body scrubbers are the best you can get in the market. They are designed to provide a great mix of functionality and convenience. They are made in one size, but they fit all hand sizes. You can use it during a normal shower or when exfoliating your skin.

These scrubbers are perfect for people with dry and itchy skin. Use shower gels, bath creams or soap of your choice to get the best results. These affordable body scrubbers will remove dead cells and other impurities on the skin bringing back its youthful glow.

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