A Dog Lover’s Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is a wonderful time of year when we celebrate with our loved ones, and us dog lovers do not want to leave our pet’s out of the fun. So, in this post, I’ll be sharing with you my top gifts for your dogs – a mixture of fun and practical gifts.

Best Christmas Gift for Dog LoversYou can also use this guide if you have friends or family who have a pet, if you’re struggling to find a present for them, I’m sure they would appreciate one for their beloved dog.

  1. DIY Doggy Bauble – If you prefer your gifts homemade, this one is for you. Go to your local grocery store or craft shop and buy clear DIY photo baubles. To create the bauble, use the template that will be provided in the kit to cut the photo, insert the picture of your dog or the pet owner and their dog.

    You can add any cute trinkets to fill the rest the bauble, click it together, add ribbon to the top – a thoughtful idea is to choose a ribbon the same color as their Christmas tree, and your DIY bauble is complete.

  2. Dog Antler Headband – Can you get any cuter?! Also, if you have kids, they will love having their very own reindeer running around on Christmas Day.
  3. Christmas Jumper – Us humans all get into the festive spirit with a festive jumper so why shouldn’t our dogs do the same?! It will not only look adorable; it will also keep them warm in the cold weather.
  4. Finger Tooth Scrubber for Dogs – Now for a practical one, which dog owners will be thankful for. It is important to look after your dog’s dental oral health, but it can be difficult to get a toothbrush in their mouth to do a good job, this is where the tooth scrubber comes in. I highly recommend this one here!

    It is easy to use, all you need to do it place the scrubber over your index finger and hold the string attached to the scrubber with another finger – this will ensure the scrubber isn’t lost in the dog’s mouth. This allows you to clean the dog’s teeth and gums with ease. It works great at removing plaque and does not hurt your pet but instead massages their gums. It is also reassuring to know this product is used and recommended by vets. This tooth scrubber can be bought on Etsy.

  5. Marvis Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste – Use this doggy toothpaste alongside the Susi’s Scrubber’s Tooth Scrubber for a deep clean once a week. It is a bonus that the toothpaste is in a festive flavour.
  6. A Personalised Picture Candle – One to buy for your pet loving friend or family member. Nothing says a thoughtful gift like a personalised one. Not only will it pay homage their beloved dog, it will also keep their home smelling lovely and dog-free.
  7. Dog Blanket – We love to receive cozy presents at Christmas and I’m sure our furry friends will appreciate the comfort of a new blanket. I would recommend a weighted one for extra warmth and they are also thought to help reduce dog’s anxiety – Christmas is great timing for this present as New Year’s is coming up, which means fireworks will be going off which can be very distressing for dogs.
  8. Personalised Pet Mug – Proud pet lovers like their Dog Mom or Dad status to be known so giving them a present to show off their beloved dog at work is perfect.
  9. Dog DNA Test – This is a great gift if your dog has been rescued to discover his or her breed.
  10. Pup Christmas Tree Ornament – Buy one the same breed as your/their dog to add a personalised touch of them to the tree. Another idea is to get a moulding of your pet’s paw made into a tree decoration, this is very cute if they are just a little puppy.
  11. Dog Bowl Water Bottle – A fantastic gift if you’re often on the go or taking your dog for a long car ride. It ensures your dog is always well hydrated with no mess. You can buy this bottle at uncommongoods.com.
  12. Pooch Selfie Ball – A personal favourite of mine. This smart tech gimmick will make sure you get a perfect selfie of your dog on your mobile phone every time. It is a clamp which attaches to your phone with room for the provided tennis ball to be attached to the top to get your pup’s attention. A perfect gift to catch your cute pup in their Christmas outfit. This can be bought on Amazon and will provide lots of fun for dog lovers.

Another extra touch I love for your dog or any pet is to get them their very own stocking. Your pet truly will pick up on the excitement of your family, so it’s nice for them to be involved, use some of the presents I mentioned above to fill their stocking. I’m sure they would be thrilled with a stocking full of treats to begin their Christmas Day.

I also love the idea of getting your dog involved in Christmas dinner. Get them their very own festive dog bowl, choose them a turkey dog food – many grocery stores sell versions especially for Christmas, a turkey and ham combo is a popular one. Many grocery stores also sell Christmas puddings or mince pies made especially for dogs, because of course, they deserve to be treated during the festive season too.

I hope my gift guide gives you some ideas for when you’re shopping for your pet or a pet lover this Christmas. If I had to choose two favourite gifts that I would urge you to get, I would choose a practical one and a fun one.

The practical one would be the Susi’s Scrubber’s Finger Tooth Scrubber as it is imperative that you maintain your dog’s oral health and a fun, silly one would be the Pooch Selfie Ball, you can never have too many cute dog and puppy pictures.

Merry Christmas!

Laura G.

My name is Laura and aside from being a huge fan of the Susis Scrubber brand and their extensive list of product, I am a regular contributor to this blog. Please note that opinions expressed within my posts are mine, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of SusisScrubbers.com.

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